Kleomenis Katevas

About me

I am in the final year of my Ph.D. research in the Cognitive Science group at Queen Mary's school of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

My research "Analysing crowd behaviours using mobile sensing" is part of the Media & Arts Technology doctoral programme, supervised by Dr. Laurissa Tokarchuk and Dr. Hamed Haddadi.

My research interests lie in the areas of Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Sensing, Crowd Sensing and Human-Computer Interaction. In the past, I have also been interested in robotics (Human-Robot Interaction).

Recent News

Our work "Typical Phone Use Habits: Intense Use Does Not Predict Negative Well-Being" will be presented at MobileHCI 2018, Sept 3-6 in Barcelona, Spain.

Part of our work “Walking in Sync: Two is Company, Three’s a Crowd” has been demonstrated in this year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures at BBC Four.

Our work "Beyond interruptibility: predicting opportune moments to engage mobile phone users" will be presented at UbiComp 2017, Sept 11-15 in Maui, Hawaii. Read more about it in Martin Pielot's blog post.